★★★★ - "White Noise is a searingly funny assassination of the ‘modern condition’ and contemporary communication." - Londontheatre1


A visceral new satire combining physical theatre and projection to weave a grotesque and darkly comic vision of media excess.

White Noise holds a funhouse mirror up to the manipulative personalities that dominate public life, and journeys into the relentless media machine that has commodified reality, polarised politics and sacrificed truth at the altar of sensation.




Stefanie Bruckner

Dean Elliott

Tom Kelsey

Jo Moss

Katariina Tamm

Christopher Adams


Directed by Simona Gonella​

Sound design by Julian Starr

Digital design by Shankho Chaudhuri

Production Shots

by Sarah Hickson

Photos © Sarah Hickson.jpg

Rehearsal Shots

by Sarah Hickson